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Our Services & Solutions

Cloud Services

Cloud Ararat teams are dedicated cloud services enthusiasts to help organizations achieve their goals business objectives by adopting, managing and enhancing cloud solutions. We offer specialized services around Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google enterprise technology solutions. While we offer IT services, software development, design, product management, consulting and more, Cloud Ararat offers complete cloud based solutions, utilizing the globally scalable and adopted cost-efficient cloud solutions partners to serve our clients globally.

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IT Services

Web and mobile applications blend as the global trends evolve. Cloud Ararat offers complete, turn key cloud based business solutions, software applications, mobile applications for start-ups to large scale enterprises. We develop and deliver custom solutions with carefully designed user interfaces to ensure the highest satisfaction in user experience. Our agile approach allows us to be flexible with your changing business requirement.

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Complete Business Solutions

Cloud Ararat goes beyond cloud services and software development concept. We are motivated to design, architect, build and market complete, turn key cloud based software solutions and products. We are dedicated to work with you in all phases of the product development. Cloud Ararat is dedicated to deliver quality products and deliver beyond expectations.

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Global Startup Incubator

Cloud Ararat is dedicated to support early stage technology startups and projects. We have a mentor team as well as hands on marketing, financial, technical and business development professionals in house to guide you to develop a successful, global, sustainable technology products and brands. We are motivated to bring our professional approach and enthusiasm blended with your ideas and to grow your concept to a global scale business. We are interested in global opportunities.

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More about us

Who we are

Cloud Ararat is founded by Mert Altındağ, a global start up enthusiast, established businesses, products and projects all over the World. Our executives and teams have hands-on cloud computing, cloud application development, cloud software development and marketing experience. We are the official solution and consulting partner of global cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS)Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, IBM Softlayer Google Apps and more.

What we do

Cloud Ararat is a global cloud services and IT solutions company, capable of delivering start-up to large enterprise scale applications and technology products. Cloud Ararat is founded with the global experience, leadership and vision, aiming to provide complete, turn key global cloud based business solutions.

Why we do it

Cloud Ararat is established by a global team with extensive, solid background in cloud computing, application development, software product management with the essential goal to bring the global know-how and expertise to the region.

Where we do it

Our headquarters is located in the Research and Development Center in Izmir Institute of Technology, Urla, Turkey. We have offices in Atlanta, GA, USA and Stuttgart Germany. Our teams are located globally; Turkey, USA, Germany, UK. We can provide complete cloud based IT solutions to anywhere in the World.

Our Capabilities

Cloud Services & Advisory
Global IT services & solutions
Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud Platform & Google Apps
IBM Softlayer & Hardware
Microsoft Azure & OEM
Mobile App & Software Dev
User Interface & Experience Design

Cloud Services Advantages

  • Collaboration & Productivity - Teams, employees and clients may create and share docs, spreadsheets, files, projects and more simultaneously on cloud. Our teams help organizations to utilize Google Apps and products to significantly improve collaboration and productivity among the workforce. Local or global, we will find the suitable productivity and collaboration solution for your organization.
    Improved collaboration and productivity
  • Accessibility - Resources, documents, servers, processors, statistics...etc could be accessed and modified anytime globally independent from a device or a platform. Together, we can monitor your usage and stats to optimize your system to deliver the optimum performance and cost structure.
    Access your resources anywhere, anytime.
  • Reduced Capital Costs: Your business do not need hardware investment upfront in order to build and design a large scale application. Instead of building in-house servers and systems, we offer cloud services consulting to utilize optimum cloud configuration to kick start your journey by reducing hardware and system investments. As the business scale, no need to re-invest in updating your internal servers.
    Reduced initial hardware & system investment
  • Flexibility - As your business grows or slows, your systems and applications require stronger servers, systems, processors..and more. Cloud computing allows you to be flexible on your choices. System configurations can be configured or monitored anytime, based on your requirements, without any additional hardware or licensing investment. Pay as you go based on the demand.
    Flexible configuration on demand
  • On Demand Cost Structure - Your businesses will pay as you go. Cloud computing can offer flexibility on your usage. Rather than a fixed monthly cost, we may design your systems to scale and pay the increased usage on your next bill. If you have increased demand on servers and systems occasionally, your bill will increase only for the usage. No usage, no bill. 
    Pay on the go
  • Scalability - Cloud computing and infrastructure allows applications and systems to scale without disruption of services. Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platforms are infinitely scalable to serve variety of organizations; from a local technology product to a global enterprise infrastructure. We design systems and software applications to cope and perform efficiently with the increased workload of your business.
    Journey from a start-up to a global enterprise