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Why Choose Cloud Ararat?

Cloud Ararat is established by leadership with global vision and experience. Cloud Ararat teams have solid background, expertise and hands on experience in cloud based business solutions, software product management, big data, data processing, data analysis and implementing Actionable Intelligence scenarios on aerial & ground operations management including UAVs, Satellites, Aircrafts, vehicles, IoT, machinery and workforce.

Our mission is to merge Cloud Computing technologies with Aerial & Ground Operations and Data Management to provide Actionable Intelligence for various industries including agriculture, energy, logistics, insurance, manufacturing, environmental sciences, government, disaster relief and beyond.

Entrepreneur in USA, EU and ME

We are proud of our hands-on Entrepreneurial Experience in establishing tech businesses, building technology products, cloud computing and Aerial & Ground Actionable Data services in USA, Europe and Middle East. We are your problem solving R&D partner!


AI in Aerial & Ground Operations

We offer Aerial & Ground Operations Management solutions; managing the business operations including UAV/drone data, satellite data, ground assets, machinery, workforce, data processing and comprehensive data analysis to generate Actionable Intelligence for various industries.


Cloud Computing in Aerospace

We bring our cloud computing and big data expertise to the aerospace industry. Our passion and vision focus on aerial & ground operations management; connectivity, data operations and data processing solutions to deliver actionable intelligence in aerospace.

Cloud Ararat Hybrid Cloud Hosting
Cloud Computing
We offer professional cloud services and cloud consulting in order to find the right solution. We offer specialized cloud services around many public, private and hybrid cloud strategies and solutions.
Cloud Ararat Software Development
IT Services
We develop global, tailor-made B2B and B2C solutions with web, native mobile apps, IoT, big data applications with optimum user experience. We implement agile methodologies to ensure that we iterate fast, deliver more often.
Agriculture NDVI Survey
Aerial & Field Data Services
We offer tailor-made hybrid-cloud based, industrial, aerial & ground operations and field data services in the USA, Europe, South America and Middle East.
Cloud Ararat Commercial Drone Services
Commercial Drone Services
We acquire satellite data and operate UAVs to collect and process precision aerial and field data to deliver Actionable Intelligence for industrial clients in Europe, USA and Middle East.

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Drone Flight Missions Completed

About Cloud Ararat

Cloud Ararat is a Global Cloud Based Actionable Intelligence company. We are capable of delivering start-up to industrial scale applications and technology products.


Cloud Ararat is your Research & Development partner in Cloud Computing; aiming to provide complete, turn-key Actionable Intelligence solutions for aerial and ground field data operations. We manage the entire life-cycle of the aerial data and ground field data operations; requirements analysis, data collection, processing, actionable intelligence, display, distribution, security and compliance.

Cloud and Drones


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