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Cloud Ararat Becomes Official Partner & Sponsor of the Heidelberg Innovation Forum in Germany

Heidelberg Innovation Forum
Baden-Württemberg: Connected
Cloud Ararat: Startup Building Startups

Cloud Ararat Becomes Official Partner & Sponsor of the Heidelberg Innovation Forum in Germany

Cloud Ararat team is dedicated to build technology startups around the World by supporting, mentoring and motivating young tech-entrepreneurs globally. We are proactively seeking talented entrepreneurs, innovative ideas and curious bright minds to collaborate in order to build sustainable, usable, innovative cloud based products and businesses via Cloud Ararat’s startup eco-system. Our vision is global so our reach. Global, smart partnerships are essentials to scalable success. Cloud Ararat has become the official partner and sponsor of the Heidelberg Innovation Forum, which will be held in Germany on May 19th and 20th, 2015. Heidelberg Innovation Forum is a BWCON initiative, focused on the Smart Data Business Solutions. The intelligent connection of data and modern analytical methods will be the key to increase economic competition, to use our knowledge more efficiently and to develop innovative business solutions for data services, processes and products – especially within start-ups and SMEs. Baden-Württemberg: Connected / bwcon is the top business initiative dedicated to promoting Baden-Württemberg as a key location for innovation and technology. As one of the largest technology networks in Europe, bwcon connects more than 600 businesses and research institutions.

Mert Altındağ to Coach & Mentor Startups in Germany

Mert Altındağ will be coaching selected startups and entrepreneurs throughout the Heidelberg Innovation Forum. Starting with the presentation/interactive session on “Entrepreneurship Journey: Breaking the Limits”, he will mentor, lead and advise 20+ startups on one-on-one sessions. Entrepreneurs will also benefit workshops on technology product management, cloud computing, global business strategy, growth hacking and more.

Startups Incubated by Cloud Ararat

Startups currently incubated by Cloud Ararat will be showcased in Cloud Ararat booth and attending the forum as well. Cloud Ararat is currently building 15+ tech products & startups globally. The Heidelberg Innovation Forum is an incredible opportunity for both startups looking for investment, global growth, partnership, mentorship as well as investors to match with innovative, smart technology startups on smart data.

About Cloud Ararat

Cloud Ararat is a global cloud services, IT solutions company, delivering start-up to large enterprise scale applications, cloud services and technology products. We are also a hands-on tech-startup incubator focused on investing resources in early stage ideas to build sustainable tech businesses, via in-house technology, marketing, finance, business professionals, global mentors & network. Research & Development headquarters is located inside the Izmir Institute of Technology campus in İzmir with an office in Istanbul, Turkey. Mert Altındağ, founder and CEO of Cloud Ararat, is a serial entrepreneur and a startup advisor; building products, leading & mentoring teams and startups globally. He is also lecturing Cloud Computing and Entrepreneurship courses in Izmir Institute of Technology and Gediz University.