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Cloud Ararat’s Cloud Management & Disaster Recovery Project Qualifies for Heidelberg Innovation Forum

Cloud Ararat's Cloud Management, Disaster Recovery and Migration qualifies for Heidelberg Innovation Forum

Heidelberg Innovation Forum’s 2015 topic is Smart Data. World is evolving from Big Data to Smart Data. In the last years, Big Data has already provided first solutions for handling, storing and processing huge amounts of data. However, just making data accessible and manageable is not enough. The main future challenges will be to evaluate, analyse and understand data: Not the mass of data will become essential, but the useful content it provides.

Cloud Ararat’s Cloud Management, Disaster Recovery & Migration project has been selected to attend Heidelberg Innovation Forum’s 2015 in Heidelberg, Germany. Two-day event brings European Union committee, investors and global technology enthusiasts in Smart Data focus.

Heidelberg Innovation Forum

Cloud Ararat is the only Non-European company to participate in the forum!

Cloud Ararat team is motivated to build cloud based business solutions globally. One of the early stage projects is a Cloud Management, Disaster Recovery & Migration software, specifically designed to manage, monitor, forecast and control multiple cloud accounts under one platform.  As cloud computing and services experts, Cloud Ararat already offers wide range of cloud services globally including disaster recovery and migration services both local-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud. Cloud Ararat’s Cloud Management, Disaster Recovery & Migration project offers actionable intelligence based on the predictions, Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) in the cloud IaaS forecast to ensure the lowest disruption in the business continuity. Cloud Computing is an essential concept that maximizes the business continuity.

Disaster recovery (DR) is commonly used term for preparing for and recovering from a disaster. Any event that has a negative impact on a company’s technical and business operations in terms of continuity or finances could be termed a disaster. Some examples are hardware or software failure, a network or power outage, human error, natural disasters like earthquake or tsunami or any other damaging event. Data security, redundancy, recovery are essential components to business continuity. DR is a strategy, one strategy does not fit all.


Heidelberg Innovation Forum - Heidelberg, Germany

Startup Fail Workshop by Mert Altındağ

Entrepreneurship journey is an extremely exciting and heart rocking journey. However does not always keep up as charming as planned or imagined. Real time decision making, fast thinking and a clear vision are essentials to increase the chance of the survival. What happens when you realize you made real bad decisions or lose focus? This is what Cloud Ararat CEO Mert Altındağ will be speaking about his past hands-on experience about failures in one of his Startup coaching sessions at the Heidelberg Innovation Forum’s Fail Workshop. Besides the success stories, failures have been real life lessons to motivate people to keep up an move on. Follow Cloud Ararat for the details!

Startup Coaching Sessions

At the Heidelberg Innovation Forum, researchers or entrepreneurs will benefit not only from the pitching event on May 20th, but also from the Coaching Day on May 19th with mentors and experts giving tips for the presentation, business model or financial strategy. At the Coaching Day entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to refine the pitch presentation, to get tailor-made advice on their approach for the matchmaking event and to network with the experts and participants. Cloud Ararat CEO,  Mert Altındağ, will be coaching entrepreneurs on May 19th along with 6 other business executives from Europe.

  • Individual trainings and 1-to-1-coaching
  • Check your business model
  • Improve your financing strategy
  • IPR training
  • Internationalisation and European markets
  • Test pitching battles to improve your pitch
  • Inspiration islands on different topics