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Cloud Services

Managed Cloud Services

Cloud Ararat teams are dedicated cloud services enthusiasts to help organizations achieve their goals, business objectives by adopting, managing and enhancing cloud solutions. We offer specialized services around Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM, Microsoft, Google enterprise technology solutions, as well as local cloud and on-site infrastructures.

Cloud Ararat is an official solution partner of global cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS)Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, IBM Softlayer Google Apps and more. We offer professional cloud services and cloud consulting in order to find the right cloud platform for your needs. We understand your custom needs, limitations and goals and offer you the optimum cloud solution from our global or local cloud infrastructures & platforms. We design, operate and monitor the cloud architecture custom to your needs!

Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud Platform
Microsoft Azure
IBM Softlayer

Managed Cloud

Cloud Ararat has strong knowledge and track record on managing Cloud operations to avoid Cloud Sprawl and complexity. We manage, monitor, operate and optimize your organization’s and products’ cloud infrastructure so you can focus on your CORE BUSINESS.

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Cloud Advisory

Cloud Ararat’s cloud advisory services lead your cloud program to success from inception. Based on your organization’s needs and expectations, defining and finding the optimum cloud solution, getting the business on board, properly implementing the technology and ensuring a smooth transition may be a never ending task. However, Cloud Ararat team’s boutique approach will guide your organization and throughout the entire process and accomplish a successful transition to the cloud. Our extensive cloud services ensure you have an experienced partner to guide your business through each stage of your cloud program.

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Cloud Information Security & Privacy Assessment

Data privacy concerns can be particularly complex when companies face the dynamic challenges of innovation and change. Business teams need to better understand the personal data flows and privacy risks that result from a new product launch, global expansion, or merger and acquisition activity, varying on each country, territory or continent. They also need to understand the impacts of new legal and regulatory threats or increased scrutiny from governmental authorities.

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Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Cloud Ararat is motivated and dedicated to find, design and architect the optimum technology solution beyond your expectations. Besides utilizing the global cloud platforms, we do offer hybrid and local infrastructure solutions.

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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is not a one-time activity; it is an ongoing process from the time of strategizing the plan to managing it to maximize Business Continuity. We will design your cloud architecture for efficient business continuity strategy, based on your recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO).

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Managed Drone Services

Cloud Ararat Managed Drone Services Team delivers complete, turnkey cloud based industrial commercial drone services & solutions globally. The professional expertise in aerial imagery, video, surveillance, GIS software combined with the variety of our drones, equipment and sensors enable us to provide managed commercial drone services in wide range of industries.

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Why Run Your Business in the Public Cloud?

Cloud technology is designed to easily scale and adapt to the evolving needs of organizations. Cloud technologies can be applicable to organizations in any size globally. Cloud Ararat’s cloud experts are motivated to help organizations leverage the full potential of the cloud and its various solutions. We have established global strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Amazon Web Services, IBM and many others to design and deliver scalable and flexible custom cloud solutions, IT services and more for businesses. Some of the advantages of the Cloud Technologies are:

Improves Collaboration & Productivity: Teams, employees and clients may create and share docs, spreadsheets, files, projects and more simultaneously on cloud. Our teams help organizations to utilize cloud services such as Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365 and marketplace products to significantly improve collaboration and productivity among the workforce. Local or global, we will find the suitable productivity and collaboration solution for your organization.

Highly Scalable: Cloud computing and cloud infrastructure allows applications and systems to scale without disruption of services. Cloud Ararat utilizes global cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS)Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, IBM Softlayer and local cloud infrastructures to design infinitely scalable architectures to serve variety of organizations; from a local technology product to a global enterprise infrastructure. The public cloud gives your digital business the benefit of auto scaling so that your digital marketing efforts – from websites to web apps – can elastically and automatically grow or shrink with demand.

Total Cost of Ownership: Total cost of ownership considers all costs associated with developing, deploying and managing mission-critical business applications. This also includes the costs associated with workloads like digital marketing – for example, the development, deployment and management of your business’s website and/or marketing web applications. In most cases, cloud computing has proven to be more cost-effective than on-premises infrastructures. By leveraging the cloud as an IT infrastructure and business operations solution, completed with CLOUD ARARAT Managed Cloud Services, companies can save in their total cost of ownership. Instead of building in-house servers and systems, we offer cloud services consulting to utilize optimum cloud configuration to kick start your journey by reducing hardware and system investments. As the business scale, no need to re-invest in updating your internal servers.

Flexibility: As your business grows or slows, your systems and applications require stronger servers, systems, processors..and more. The public cloud gives you complete control over your business workloads. With the many sizes of servers available to you and your business, the public cloud lets you build websites and web apps with the technology that you’re most comfortable with. You also have the flexibility to choose the operating system, language and tools that are right for you.

Accessibility: Resources, documents, servers, processors, statistics…etc could be accessed and modified anytime globally independent from a device or a platform. Together, we can monitor your usage and stats to optimize your system to deliver the optimum performance and cost structure.