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Disaster Recovery


Disaster Recovery is not a one-time activity; it is an ongoing process from the time of strategizing the plan to managing it to maximize Business Continuity.

Simplify backup and recovery of your data and system and eliminate the cost and unpredictability by Cloud Ararat disaster recovery solutions tailor-maded for your organization.

With our solutions, you can effectively meet the core requirements and respond in an orderly manner to a disaster. We make sure that your disaster recovery plan is in sync with your business requirement as well as the environment in which you operate.



  • Restore the integrity of your hardware, software and data
  • Rapidly recover and resume operations with automated processes
  • Minimize any damage to your reputation and brand image.
  • Recovery that is cost effective without the need for a duplicate, idle data server
  • Protect against potential threats
  • Minimizes disruption and operational losses
  • Manage the recovery operation in an organized and effective manner
  • Restore and build back confidence of investors, stakeholders and customers