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Hybrid Cloud Hosting


Cloud Ararat is motivated and dedicated to find, design and architect the optimum technology solution beyond your expectations. Besides utilizing the global cloud platforms, we do offer hybrid and local infrastructure solutions.

In cases we find out the cloud may not be appropriate for your needs, we can supply and utilize local hardware or even build hybrid (cloud & local combined) solutions.

Our goal is to design, develop and utilize business solutions using technology. So, we are not not here to sell you cloud solutions; in fact to deliver the optimum solution to your needs.

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud

Cost Efficient

The amazing blend of cloud technologies makes hybrid cloud suitable for all kinds of enterprises- small, medium or large. The economies of scale feature of public cloud offers higher cost-efficiency.

Secured and Reliable

The features of private cloud in hybrid cloud technology makes this a secured computing option. The users can rely on hybrid cloud for keeping their critical and sensitive data secured and integrated.


Although with public cloud, scalability is restricted but private cloud element in hybrid cloud technology offers unlimited scalability.


Hybrid cloud also offers higher levels of redundancy as it uses multiple computing partners, so it has greater uptime and availability. Also, prevents the impact of any technical failure or disaster.