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Managed Drone Services


Cloud Ararat Managed Drone Services Team delivers complete, turnkey cloud based industrial commercial drone services & solutions globally.

Ultimate goal of DaaS is to deliver actionable intelligence and data to make solid business decisions.

The professional expertise in aerial imagery, video, surveillance, GIS software combined with the variety of our drones, equipment and sensors enable us to provide managed commercial drone services in wide range of industries.

Cloud Ararat DaaS team delivers managed drone services in following sectors:


What do we do ?

As Cloud Ararat, we serve all our clients to create valuable results to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

We act as a solution partner, understanding all the requirements, supply, plan and deploy all necessary man power and drones, deliver missions, gather all raw data, process and analyse them to actionable intelligence. Finally we provide results and report that makes the difference…

Agricultural Services & Surveillance


Cloud Ararat agricultural services & surveillance allow farmers to monitor and track their crops in various solutions such as;

  • Assess crop height and density
  • Identify poor crop health, detect early infestations
  • Track seasonal changes, trends, anomolies on the ground and etc.

Some of the benefits of Cloud Ararat Managed Services for our Agricultural Clients;

  • Monitor Crop Health
  • Check for signs of disease
  • Increase Yields Potential
  • Save Time in process
  • Reduce costs and increase yield potentials.

Energy & Construction Inspection

Cloud Ararat Energy & Construciton inspection services offer new capabilities that reduce cost, operational risks while improving also efficiency, Drones are used to inspect, measure and quantify variations of needs such as oil spills, monitor pipelines to detect leaks, measurement of radiation etc.


Data acquisition, though important, is the first part of the data life cycle. The value proposition is enabling the process of turning acquired data into actionable information which results with improved efficiencies and reduced costs.

Some applications of Cloud Ararat Managed Services for our Facility Inspection Clients :

  • Wind turbine inspections
  • Oil&Gas Pipeline Inspection
  • Power line/cable inspections
  • Building & Bridge construction inspections
  • Radiation measurement&monitoring
  • Critical Infrastructure Inspections


Facility Inspection & Security

A major difficulty for maintenance and inspection services is the vast surface some facilities cover. To perform proper maintenance the structures need to be closely inspected; however physical inspection of each part requires a significant amount of time.

Cloud Ararat drone services are the efficient alternative to physical inspection, reducing the time and number of personnel required to inspect or to assess any security leaks or damage.

Cloud Ararat Managed Services for our Facility Inspection and Security mainly serves clients for;

  • Facility Surveillance of illegal activities to safeguard civil security
  • Campus Security
  • Inspection of infrastructure

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