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Global Cloud Services and Actionable Intelligence

Cloud Ararat is a Global Cloud Services and Actionable Intelligence company. We develop global, industrial scale applications and technology products. Established with global vision and experience; Cloud Ararat brings motivated teams with solid background, expertise and hands-on experience in cloud-based business solutions, software development, big data, data processing, data analysis and Actionable Intelligence solutions.

  • Cloud Services
  • Software & IT Services
  • Commercial Drone Services
  • Aerial & Field Data Operations

Our mission is to merge Cloud Computing technologies with Aerial & Ground Operations and Data technologies to provide simplified Actionable Intelligence to support decision making.

Cloud Computing in Aerial and Ground Data Solutions
Cloud Ararat is your Research & Development partner, providing turn-key Actionable Intelligence solutions. We manage the entire life-cycle of the aerial & ground operations; requirements analysis, software development & integration, assets/payloads, data collection, data processing, actionable intelligence, display, distribution, security and compliance.

Cloud Services - IT Services - Drone, Aerial & Field Data Services

Cloud Ararat is a global cloud based Actionable Intelligence company, capable of delivering start-up to industrial scale applications and technology products.

History In Words

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    Cloud Ararat was founded

    1 July 2014

    After 15 years of technical product management and business experience in USA and Europe, Mert Altındağ has established Cloud Ararat in Izmir Institute of Technology R&D center in Urla, Turkey.

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    Teaching Cloud Computing & Entrepreneurship

    2014 through 2016 Seasons

    Giving back to the community is extremely important for collective advancement. We value and believe in young minds. As a mission, Mert Altındağ has been teaching "Cloud Computing" and "Entrepreneurship" classes at the computer engineering departments in technical universities. Bringing hands on industry experience to academic eco-system is essential for optimal blend of theory and real world.  

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    AWSome Day : First AWS Event in Turkey

    16 December 2014

    Cloud Ararat organized and hosted the first Amazon Web Services (AWS) AWSome Day event in Izmir, Turkey. Event had over 450 attendees including students, academic, industry experts and technical teams from 10 countries.

    This event provided a step-by-step overview of AWS core services such as Compute, Storage, Databases and Network. By the end of the session attendees were able to build scalable and secure applications on the AWS Cloud. The agenda consisted on a mix of the popular AWS Essentials Course and an interactive presentation of the AWS Hands-On-Labs.

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    Entrepreneurship Workshops in Germany

    Since 2014

    We have been motivated to be a global influencer in the cloud computing and technology startups eco-system. Our CEO Mert Altındağ has attended over 20 entrepreneurship workshops and events while advising over 15 early stage startups in various cities around Germany. Esslingen, Heidelberg, Konstanz are just some of them. Sharing the entrepreneurship journey, experience and outcomes with the next generation is essential for the startups to avoid obstacles as much as possible.

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    Arena 42 : Startup Accelerator Program in Germany

    Since Jan 2016

    Arena 42 is a technology incubation program, initiated by Cloud Ararat and Baden Württemberg Connected, facilitated in Stuttgart, Germany. It Designed for early stage ideas, program is aimed to be a kick start for motivated entrepreneurs. Primary focus was IoT startups, where as the trends evolve, every 3 month session triggers a new set of tech groups. 


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    Cloud Ararat relocates to Munich, Germany

    1 October 2017

    Cloud Ararat has been building partnerships and client network in global arena. Our passion and expertise on Cloud Computing and Actionable Intelligence have established productive collaboration in industrial data services. Since the inception, we have served industrial clients primarily in the United States, Germany, Czech Republic and Turkey. Thus, to further grow our capabilities and reach, we have decided to relocate our main office to Ludwig Bölkow Aerospace and Security Campus, an exclusive initiative by Airbus.

Industries We Serve...

Mert Altindag Profile
Mert Altındağ - Founder
Mert Altındağ is the founder of Cloud Ararat with hands-on technical and business experience in USA, Europe and Middle East. He holds Computer Engineering & MBA degrees and currently progressing on Ph.D in Aerospace Engineering at Technische Universität München (TUM). Research area is "Aerial & Ground Operations Connectivity and Data Management". He has established businesses, technology companies, products and projects all over the World; primarily in USA, Europe and Turkey with multiple exits and acquisitions. With the strong global vision, team and partnership behind Cloud Ararat, he aims to merge cloud computing & software product development capabilities with the aerospace technologies. He is a private pilot and an outdoor sports enthusiast; kayaking, cycling frequently.
Engin Oder Profile
Prof. Dr. Engin Öder - R&D
Prof. Dr. Engin Öder is a hands-on Research & Technology expert in aviation industry. He has Electrical and Electronics Engineering degree with Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering. His engineering and research experience over 35 years in Thales and Airbus bring solid know-how and decision making in Cloud Ararat's solutions. He has 60+ patents in aviation since 1990's. He enjoys building personal aircraft in his garage and cycling in all weather conditions.
Cloud Ararat Chios Greece Bike Tour 01
Startup Culture
Cloud Ararat team has interesting crowd together. Besides the expertise and profession in the business, we are motivated individuals to enjoy and blend into the nature every day. In our team, we’ve got cyclists, kayakers, licensed pilots, outdoor sports enthusiasts and divers... We have bicycles, kayaks, kite boards, off road vehicles and more toys available for our teams, families, partners and clients :). Join us any time. We work hard, play hard.

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