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Global Cloud Services and Actionable Intelligence

Cloud Ararat is a Global Cloud Services and Actionable Intelligence company. We develop global, industrial scale software applications and cloud based technology products. Established with global vision and experience; Cloud Ararat brings motivated teams with solid background, expertise and hands-on experience in cloud-based business solutions, software development, big data, data processing, data analysis and Actionable Intelligence solutions.

  • Cloud Services
  • Software & IT Services
  • Commercial Drone Services
  • Aerial & Field Data Services

Our vision is to make high-tech solutions available to non-tech people

Our mission is to simplify Aerial, Ground, Maritime and Space Operations, Resource and Data Management using software and cloud computing technologies.

Global Service Capabilities with Local Compliance
Cloud Ararat Investments LLC is founded in 2019 to merge all subsidiaries and investments under a parent company. Learn More about Cloud Ararat Investments HERE...

Cloud Ararat serves globally with local entity in each region ; compliant with the employment regulations, privacy & confidentiality laws, dedicated workforce, security clearance requirements in the USA, Europe and Middle East.

Cloud Ararat GmbH : Taufkirchen, Bayern, Germany
Tax/VAT ID : District Court of Munich HRB 236533, DE314985208

Cloud Ararat LLC - Georgia, United States of America
EIN ID : Georgia, 81-2508686

Cloud Ararat Yazılım ve Bilişim A.Ş. - Izmir, Turkey
Tax ID : Urla V.D. 2110677748
Founder, CEO
Mert Altındağ is the founder and 100% equity owner of Cloud Ararat Group (Cloud Ararat GmbH - Germany, Cloud Ararat LLC - USA, Cloud Ararat A.S. - Turkey) with hands-on technical and business experience in USA, Europe and Middle East. He holds Computer Engineering & MBA degrees and currently progressing on Ph.D in Aerospace Engineering at Technische Universität München (TUM). Research area is "Aerial & Ground Operations Connectivity and Data Management". He has established businesses, technology companies, products and projects all over the World; primarily in USA, Europe and Turkey with multiple exits and acquisitions. With the strong global vision, team behind Cloud Ararat, he aims to merge cloud computing & software product development capabilities with the aerospace technologies. He is a private pilot and an outdoor sports enthusiast; kayaking, cycling frequently.
Prof. Dr. Engin Oder
Advisor, R&D - Aerospace Engineer
Prof. Dr. Engin Öder is a hands-on Research & Technology expert in aviation industry. He has Bachelor's and Masters Degrees in Electrical & Electronics Engineering and Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering. His engineering and research experience over 35 years in Thales and Airbus projects brings solid know-how and decision making in Cloud Ararat's solutions. He has 60+ patents in aviation since 1990's. He enjoys building personal aircraft in his garage and cycling in all weather conditions.
Anne Tamm
Advisor, Business Development - Real Estate & Insurance
Anne Tamm is a seasoned business woman with Bachelors and Masters degrees in Political Science and Government from University of Connecticut. She brings in 30+ years of experience in managing European and United States business lines in global corporates such as Delta Airlines, PanAm. She is also running her own business in real estate, utilities and insurance industries in harmony with Cloud Ararat. Anne is fluent in 9 languages and has 4 kids.
Cloud Ararat Team
Engineers and problem solvers
Cloud Ararat has interesting fellow problem solvers together. Besides the expertise and profession in the business, we are motivated individuals to enjoy and blend into the nature every day. In our team, we’ve got cyclists, kayakers, licensed aircraft pilots, outdoor sports enthusiasts, divers and more... We have bicycles, kayaks, kite boards, off road vehicles and more toys available for our teams, families, partners and clients :). Join us any time.

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