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IT Services


Cloud Ararat teams have years of hands on experience in software product management, software development, database design, mobile apps, user experience, user interface and more. We don’t just develop apps, we build sustainable products. Our business approach is flexible and fast by adopting agile methodologies to cope with your changing requirements and expectations. We are enthusiastic about the full cycle of the product management, from the beginning to the end. From business requirements to UI design, software development to global growth, we ensure to deliver the optimum solution. We can work with you around your needs in our range of service; UI, software, mobile, hardware or any combination of them.

Software Development

Cloud Ararat engineers have strong knowledge and track record that comes with comprehensive software projects accomplished. We are capable of delivering both B2B and B2C applications.

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Mobile Application Development

As the World is adopting mobile faster to everyday life, companies and individuals evolve the business requirements around the mobility solutions. Cloud Ararat engineers can develop applications for Android, IOS and other devices.

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Website Devolopment

Website is an important tool to connect with your consumers / customers with a global reach. Cloud Ararat’s expert team provides you the best fitting website & showcase to your need with the latest technology.

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UI & UX Design

We utilize work flows, design models and iterate them with your organizations’ teams as well as outside tester via user experience sessions to understand the reactions of a wide scope of target user base.

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E-Commerce & CMS

Selling of products and services online requires well designed website that delivers and serves online shopping features for their customers.

Cloud Ararat offers new custom e-commerce solutions to its clients as per their changed specific business requirements.

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We have a team of seasoned professionals who are skilled at custom application development and create software applications that not only meet the clients’ requirements, but also adhere to the global standards of software engineering.

Cloud Ararat can allocate necessary human resources to assist your development efforts; dedicated developers, database admins, system ops, software engineers, quality assurance teams and more.

We will help you save time and money. We are flexible to undertake a part, module or entire system to deliver with high service level standards.

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