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Aerial, Ground and Maritime Integrated Business Solutions

Our core expertise is Information and Data Management derived from cloud services and industrial scale software engineering. Cloud Ararat goes beyond cloud services and software development concept. We design, architect, build and market complete, turn key, integrated cloud-based software solutions and products. We work with you in all phases of the product development to deliver quality products and solutions beyond expectations. Whether you simply need managed cloud services or fully integrated end to end solutions, Cloud Ararat is your one-stop-shop to handle all the aspects.

Here is a sample step-by-step engagement flow :

Step 1 : Consulting & Advisory

Cloud Ararat offers end-to-end business solutions including software and hardware technologies integrated to your existing systems and operations. We work with you to identify and prioritize business challenges, select optimum technologies to be used and define a road map together.

Step 2 : Project, Operations & Resource Management

Cloud Ararat  teams manage the projects ; including allocating software engineers, hardware engineers, managing subcontractors, 3rd-party integrations, data sources, solution QA/testing, delivery and post-deployment support.

Step 3 : Integrate Aerial, Ground and Maritime Resources

We supply, deploy and integrate the right data sources and assets to the solution including but not limited to wireless sensors, IoT devices, vehicle tracking devices, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/Drones, Unmanned Ground Vehicles/Robots, satellites and more. Please let us know your requirements on the field operations.

Step 4 : Software Solutions

A) We develop end-to-end custom software solutions for you


B) We manage all data sources, field teams, assets, jobs, operations and data analytics using Cloud Ararat’s CONNECTED OPS, the cloud based field operations management SaaS solution with web apps, mobile/tablet apps.

Step 5 : Data Analytics and Actionable Intelligence

Collected data through aerial and ground sensors and operations are analyzed and visualized via dashboards, proactive notifications, predictive analysis based on business rules, thresholds and simplified actionable business intelligence.

Step 6 : Post Deployment Support

We manage and support post-deployment process ; including your user training program, workshops, hybrid-cloud data environment, hardware & software support, feature enhancements, integrations, security, compliance, growth processes and anything we plan together for the road map.

Cloud Ararat Hybrid Cloud Hosting
Cloud Services
We offer professional cloud services and cloud consulting in order to find the right solution. We offer specialized cloud services around many public, private and hybrid cloud strategies and solutions.
Cloud Ararat Software Development
IT Services
We develop global, tailor-made B2B and B2C solutions with web, native mobile apps, IoT, wireless sensors, big data applications with optimum user experience. We implement agile methodologies to ensure that we iterate fast, deliver more often.
Agriculture NDVI Survey
Aerial and Field Data Services
We offer tailor-made hybrid-cloud, industrial, aerial & ground operations and field data services & solutions in the USA, Europe and Middle East.
Cloud Ararat Commercial Drone Services
Commercial Drone Services
We acquire satellite data and operate UAVs to collect and process precision aerial and field data to deliver Actionable Intelligence for industrial clients in Europe, USA and Middle East.

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