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Aerial & Ground Operations and Data Management

Cloud Ararat Managed Aerial & Ground Operations Management and Data Services Team delivers tailor-made, cloud based, industrial, commercial aerial and ground field data services & solutions in the USA, Europe and Middle East.

Ultimate goal of the Managed Aerial & Ground Operations Management and Data Services is to collect & process aerial and ground information and deliver actionable data, so your technical and business teams can make solid strategic decisions.

The professional expertise in aerial data; image processing, sensor data, video processing, surveillance, GIS and cloud solutions are combined with the selection of drones, equipment and sensors to provide managed aerial and field data services in wide range of industries.

Specific Services

Commercial Drone Services

We design and manage tailor-made, mission specific commercial drone operations; aircrafts, payloads/sensors, operators and data solutions. Fast and reliable for your custom needs.

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Proprietary Data Engine

A private, cloud-based application enabling businesses the ability to manage field teams, jobs, drones, flight data, aerial data, field data, job data and more...

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Actionable Intelligence

Collecting data securely, processing efficiently and generating actionable intelligence are essentials in efficient, result oriented technology solutions. We build hybrid or cloud based data architectures to transfer on actionable data to stakeholders.

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Some Examples of Applications

Cloud Ararat is your partner in Aerial and Field Data Solutions. We understand your business challenges and requirements; then plan, supply and deploy all necessary field teams, drones, payloads, sensors to deliver aerial and field missions. We gather all raw data, process and analyse them to generate actionable intelligence for your decision makers. Finally, we provide actionable data and report that makes the difference… We serve wide range of industries. Below are some examples. However our services are beyond the listed examples... Contact Us to learn about all industries and applications...

  • Energy
  • Agriculture
  • Insurance
  • Retail Insights

Serving energy sector: wind turbines, solar panels, chimneys and oil&gas pipelines...

We provide periodical inspections, surveillance and 2D / 3D mapping solutions, thermal imagery, lidar data analysis, 3D point cloud, multi-spectral sensors and more...

  • Power line inspection for detecting bush-fire risk, wildfire risk
  • 3D precision aerial imagery for power utilities and surveillance of disaster areas.
  • Wind turbine inspections while minimizing the turbine shut-down period
  • Inspect solar panels for faulty cells/diodes
  • Oil&gas pipeline leakage inspection

Cloud Ararat Aerial Services Power Line Inspections

Cloud Ararat Aerial Services Power 03 Various Payloads

Cloud Ararat agricultural services & surveillance allow farmers to monitor and track their crops in various solutions such as;

  • Assess crop height and density
  • Identify poor crop health, detect early infestations
  • Track seasonal changes, trends, anomalies on the ground and etc.
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Insurance companies love the precision 3D aerial imagery for pre/post disaster assessments. Precise 2D/3D aerial imagery of buildings, cities and facilities provide solid data on the latest condition of the properties. We generate actionable data for damage assessments, insurance claim tracking, property progress reports, field team management and more... Cloud Ararat Aerial Insurance 01 Insurance Inspections

We build and execute field data operations to gather location based consumer insights. We utilize active & passive sensors to collect and manage data, monitor customer behaviors, retail store data, manage employee & workforce and more. Combine that with Loyalty Management for maximum ROI.

Industries We Serve...

We are your cloud computing and actionable intelligence partner!