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Commercial Drone Services

Commercial Drone Services

Cloud and Drones

We operate UAVs to collect and process aerial and field data to deliver Actionable Intelligence for industrial clients in Europe, USA and Middle East.

We provide a range of commercial drone services and operate within numerous industrial and commercial sectors and challenging environments, delivering a complete aerial inspection and survey solution in the innovative UAS industry.

Actionable Intelligence with Drone Operations

Our Research & Development efforts emphasize on delivering Actionable Intelligence and Actionable Data for quantitative decision making in your business. We let you focus on your core business by managing drones, drone operators, payload sensors, aerial and field data processing, predictive analysis and delivering results to your organization with our cloud based operations management platform CONNECTED OPS.

  • Manage UAV & Drone Fleets
  • Manage Legal Procedures
  • Actionable Intelligence
  • Manage Aerial and Field Data

We identify the right UAV for the drone missions considering structure, environmental conditions, range... Whether a multi-copter, rotor-craft or a fix-wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Cloud Ararat manages the optimum solution. 

Operating commercial drone services have wider scope of responsibility than flying UAVs. We acquire the flight PERMISSIONS from local aviation authorities, ensure the pilots & operations are INSURED, deliver and process the data in compliance with regulations in Europe and USA.

Regardless of UAVs, payloads or operators, industrial clients are looking for the OUTPUTS and ACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE. Among the hours of videos, terabytes of inspection data, we generate scientific data, tasks & reports where our clients can take quantitative actions with. Drones, payloads and infrastructure are all tools we utilize to deliver REAL VALUE : ACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE.

Our cloud computing expertise brings fully managed data operations capability to UAV services industry by our proprietary aerial and field data management platform; Connected Ops. Raw and processed data from flights, missions, aerial data, field, sensors, vehicles, field teams, jobs/tasks... are securely managed with Android, IOS apps and Web Interface.

Research & Development

We cooperate and partner with universities and global organizations to improve ourselves, capabilities and solutions to make an impact in global arena. As a motivated startup, we have already established solid research & business partnerships with Technische Universität München, Airbus and beyond. Our goal is to bring cloud computing expertise to enhance Aerospace solutions.

Industries We Serve...

We are your cloud computing and actionable intelligence partner!